I create work that I can move around in and feel centered.  I adore using a square format because of the way the viewer sits in the containment of the square instead of a composition that leads in a certain direction; though I’m not always shooting a square format camera...I’m usually thinking square.  My horizontal images are similar in that I want the viewer to travel around inside these images, to sit with them, to experience an intimacy with them.  The strong horizontal allows me to go forever into space. They are all more of a meditative exercise than being about anything in particular.  The subject matter becomes secondary to their strength in size and landscape.  I feel as though I give birth to them as opposed to “shooting” them.  When I’m shooting in the studio, I give order to what goes in front of the lens precisely.  On location I gravitate to a precise order that already exists, though it may be chaotic.

          My work is shot in multiple formats, including 4”x5”, 2 1/4”, and 35mm.  I utilize traditional film and digital technology in both B&W and color. I am creating computer generated imagery as well.  I’m passionate about lighting. It is an intimate part of my studio workflow and to that end I use strobe lighting.  With an outdoor environment I photograph mainly with natural light, quite often with a tripod for maximum image control.

          I am influenced in my work by simplicity and space.  Some of my favorite artists include Agnes Martin, Emmi Whitehorse, Donald Judd, and Johnnie Winona Ross, among many others.