C H R I S T I N E    B E N K E R T




1950                 Born in Monroe, WI

1968-1970      University of Wisconsin - Lacrosse, WI 

1970-1973      BFA in Photography, Ohio University - Athens, OH - Cum Laude

Christine Benkert lives and works in Santa Fe, NM 





2006-2009      Santa Fe Community College Media Arts, various classes in photoshop and digital imaging - Santa Fe, NM

2003-2009      Southwest Art History Conference - Taos, NM.

2001-2002      New Mexico Museum of Art, docent training with Ellen Ziesleman - Santa Fe, NM

2001                 Renaissance, Art History class with Ellen Ziesleman - Santa Fe,NM                                                                            

1999                 Santa Fe Workshops, Utah Ruin Sites - Southeastern UT

1998                 Santa Fe Workshops, Women in Photography with Joyce Tenneson and Maggie Steeber - Santa Fe, NM

1975                 Certificate in Camera Repair, National Camera Repair - Englewood, CO.



2015"Catalyst/Impetus to Art", Encaustic Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

"ANMPAS", Albuquerque, NM

"SFWiP", Counter Culture, Santa Fe, NM

"Patterns of Nature", Minneapolis Photo Center, Minneapolis, MN

2014"All Art Arizona", Art Interscetion - Gilbert, AZ

"InFocus Member Exhibition", Phoenix, AZ

2013  "All Art Arizona", Art Intersection - Gilbert, AZ

  "33rd Annual Juried Show"  Sedona Art Center - Sedona, AZ

2012                 " be still", solo exhibit, Gallery 621 - Benicia, CA

   "Annual Exhibition", Richmond Art Center - Richmond, CA

                            "Slice!", Pence Gallery - Davis, CA

                         "Catalyst II", New Concept Gallery - Santa Fe, NM

                         "Mosaic Project", Arts Benicia - Benicia, CA

                         “Group Exhibition”, Gallery 621 - Benicia, CA 

                         “Art of a Community”, Arts Benicia - Benicia, CA

                         “49th Annual Juried Art Show”, Fairfield Center for Creative Arts - Fairfield, CA, first place award

2011                 “Gems”, Arts Benicia - Benicia, CA

2010                 “8x8”, Center for Contemporary Art - Santa Fe, NM

2009                 “Bones +”, One Woman Show, Santa Fe Community College - Santa Fe, NM

                         “8x8”, Center for Contemporary Art - Santa Fe, NM

2008                 “Special Projects” Santa Fe Community College - Santa Fe, NM

2007                 “Multi Media”, Santa Fe Community College - Santa Fe, NM

2005                 “Docent Courtyard Exhibit”, New Mexico Museum of Art - Santa Fe, NM



                          Untitled from the Bone Series.  2008.  Pasatiempo.  March 6, 2009.  p 58.

                          Charlotte Jusinski, “Dem Bones.”  Santa Fe Reporter.   March 11, 2009, p 45.

                          Karen Lanier,  “Bones + two styles of photography merge in artist’s showcase.”  New Mexico Free Press.                                                       March 4, 2009, pp 12-13.



2009-current   Catalyst Art Group, member - Santa Fe, NM

2003-2010      FOCA (Friends of Contemporary Art at New Mexico Museum of Art), steering committee, 2004-2006 event                                co-chair, 2005 vice chair, 2006-2008 co-chair,  2008-2010 program co-ordinator - Santa Fe, NM

2002-2010      New Mexico Museum of Art, Docent - Santa Fe, NM



1978-2000      Christine Benkert Photography, Inc. -  Minneapolis, MN

1978-1989      Metropolitan State University - Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN.  Faculty in Photography.






          Christine has spent the majority of her life involved in photography, beginning as a kid with a small box camera - the kind that had to be sent in for processing and returned with black and white “snaps”, loaded with fresh film.  Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, she recorded the immediate world around her, (pets and friends mainly).  She loved literature so as she got older she began taking photographs to illustrate poetry and creative writing.

          Upon receiving her BFA in Photography from Ohio University, she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and started Christine Benkert Photography, Inc. so she could make a living while always learning and involved in her  She taught photography for ten years at Metropolitan State University.

          Commercially she directed her shooting to ad agencies, graphic designers, corporations, and magazines and specialized in still life, product, food, and editorial illustration.  Selected clients included BBD&O, Campbell-Mithun, Carmichael Lynch, Larsen, Target, General Mills, 3M, Aveda, Mpls/StPaul Magazine, and Minnesota Monthly.  She was recipient of a Woman in Design International Award and Communication Arts Photography Annual Award.  

          After over two decades of a distinguished commercial career, Christine returned to her  original passion as an artist/photographer.  She moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2000 to immerse herself in the arts and become a part of the digital age of photography.  In 2010 she moved to the San Francisco bay area of California where Christine devoted herself fully to the creation of her artwork.  2012 brought her back to the Southwest, residing in Phoenix while maintaining a home and studio space in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2014 she moved back to NM on a permanent basis and resides in the wonderful little

community of Galisteo, NM outside of Santa Fe.